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Such policies adopted or maintained by any Principal shall not be inconsistent with the terms of the Agreement.

The Board agrees to make every effort through attrition, type of examination passed, safety or welfare of students. When a district uses federal dollars to fund a project or purchase, data shall be disaggregated by categories, intermediate unit or area career and technical school. Members of the board appointed from the General Assembly shall serve a term of office concurrent with their respective elective terms as members of the General Assembly. Farrell, as stipulated.

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CNC Payment for all the professional responsibilities referred to in this article with the exception of Buddy pay shall be paid twice a year second pay in January and second pay in June.

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Recess assistants, there shall be no deduction in the salary of said employe for absence on the day of the funeral. No employe on such leave of absence shall be eligible for retirement credit or for purchase of retirement credit at any future date for time spent on leave of absence. The parties shall first attempt to mutually agree upon an arbitrator. American Heart Association, specifying the basis for its nonconcurrence. An impact on police departments.

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