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Artificial siding that can withstand all kinds of climates, including our damp Northwest weather. Did not want to fight with him, just paid some cash to the installer, asked him to paint the edges. To find out more visit www. Which colors look best together? Unpainted side of the siding absorbs water which then freezes and fractures off flakes. See your local dealer for details and availability of products, colors, and accessories. The fact is the material cost is almost the same as Masonite which is made of paper. Get lots of compliments on the daring purple!

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Is my concern legitimate that they should have allowed time for the material to dry before painting. This is often an indicator of water damage, which can result in structural home damage if not resolved. Timberbark on gable ends. Marian, aka Miss Mustard Seed. It was helpful and informative. Before you add a fresh coat of paint to the fiber cement, you must prepare the surface. For fiber cement siding the paint and primer need to be compatible with fiber cement products. Spray is fast and less costly but may not bond the paint as well to the surface. Once you are certain of your paint scheme, proceed with painting the Hardie Board. Very professional from the front office as well the salesman and the work crew. As always, it is important to use appropriate safety apparel during cleaning. Can I use these paints as James Hardie touch up paint? We used LP smartside on our house and we love it. Have you done an exterior painting job before? If your house is older, it may require abatement. Board and batten siding is timeless and so unique. Secondly, how do you attach Hardie board? James Hardie products in light rain. The exterior of my house always looks good. How Much Does Hardie Board Siding Cost? Can I use drywall screws for cement board? The barrier is to protect the wall cavity. Pneumatic fastening is highly recommended. What part of the country is this home in? Or u will have splitting and cracking all over the place! Brian W was able to special order the paint for me from JH. Consider wearing a mask to avoid inhaling airborne paint. Do not use Artisan lap siding in Fascia or Trim applications. High nails are very common from inexperienced James Hardie installers, because they think the nails can go anywhere above the nail line. FYI, when we send Hardie panels out for professional painting, they come back with protective plastic on the finish side to prevent sticking. It is better to apply two thin coats to avoid paint drips and runs. Hold a second small piece of siding against the eave or rake board. Just wondering if your post was referring to staining you cement board. Rot caused by Factory applied, baked on than competitive products. This can eventually lead to cracks, bubbled paint, warping, and mold. But they did not paint the edges at the wall corners claiming the caulking would protect it, and that was how they were taught in Hardie classes. Kerdi as the membrane. Damage to siding arising from improper cleaning or maintenance may not be covered by the James Hardie warranty. The best practice is to waterproof the face of the backerboard with a product such as redguard or proguard HDG. Looks absolutely stunning, and after a week of the workers leaving it still looks as fresh as the first day. While reviewing options for siding Hardie Board was recommended to us by a contractor that we were getting a bid from. When applying new siding, consider installing additional insulation in the wall cavity or over the exterior sheathing. FACE NAILINGFace nailing is applicable where dictated by building code, in high wind areas, and when fastening is to OSB or equivalent sheathing without penetrating into studs. Most contractors do not subtract the number of square feet for windows, but if your house has an exceptional number of large windows, this of course will be factored in. What exactly like amazon services discussed at hardie board paint recommendations on the siding for homeowners do my preference. James Hardie recommends using stainless steel fasteners when products near the ocean, large bodies of water, or in humid climates. We have already used James Hardie siding on our northern MI cottage in the gray with white trim and black roof and I love the look, but I thought I should try another option for our main home. When the interior temperature is significantly higher than the exterior and there is not a sufficient buffer between the two, interior air cooled by the windows will fall and warmer air will rise to fill the void.

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Weather can slow down the process and interrupt the completion of your project, leaving you frustrated. Freezing temperatures during application or drying periods can cause damage to your new paint job. In that way, it is superior. Pressurewash at your own risk. We are always happy to help. Hardie instructions to the letter, took two summers here in Minnesota to install and paint. Find the information for the head of the company and send it to them again and again. They are the main reason I am considering adding the James Hardie siding products. If I had your beautiful lake house, I would consider whitewash painting the brick. This type of siding can be made to look like wood, stone, brick or shingles. There is no need to leave a gap for expansion. Two common siding materials are wood and vinyl. Do you need a vapor barrier behind hardiebacker? Looks great, got the EXACT color I was looking for. What kind of paint do you use on Hardie board? Position finish nails ends of the trim. Does Hardie board increase value of home? Do electric fireplaces make crackling sound? South Carolina where it seldom snows. What is procedural planning theory? An error has occurred, please try again. SW will stand behind their materials. What Can Go Wrong With Fiber Cement Siding? Sure, vinyl siding is durable but it is far from impenetrable. This is the reason, probably, it needs paint again already. Then grout the tile side and caulk the side with baseboards. Durock and followed with mesh tape and thinset on all edges. This is required by the hardiplank installation instructions. It is the roof shingles and paint hardie board for each month i would be viewed at this siding ends up, creating a great job look good idea. Hardie siding dealers listed on the James Hardie website without success. The style is an expanded Cape Cod style, and I love that it is all white. They also said it does not void the warranty if you caulk the windows. Marcel, Caulked butt joints are a maintenance headache for homeowners. Any concerns with this or with rain or hosing down the posts for cleaning. In the New England Area we have been installing fiebr cement products for over a decade and have hundreds of beautiful homes we have transformed. Mike Matthews is editor of Green Building Product News, a national publication that covers sustainable innovations in building and remodeling, and he has spoken at national conferences on green building. Sounds good to me. You know what look you want and you are careful and able to do it within a budget to get the same look for less. However, if the damage is extensive, paint reapplication or a new Hardie siding installation must be done. Hardie Plank siding is almost always installed with air nailers, which are the best tool for quick installation. Make sure the felt overhangs the previous row of siding to keep water from running behind it if the caulking fails.

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Hardie recommended clearance details in hardie board paint recommendations for the corner tabs. Rhino Shield in the area, and after having a long talk with them on the phone, I had them come out. Call us with any questions. Subscribe to our Newsletter. Just as resistant to rot, insects, and fire as fiber cement but much heavier and more costly. The multiple styles of Hardie Board siding give you plenty of options from which to choose. Really appreciate your mesh tape information. Is that a fatal mistake?

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Jaqueline quickly discovered just that as she looked at Hardie installations around her neighborhood. End result looks great, and so far as of a few months later it looks just as good as the day they left. James Hardie Building Products. Hardie because it flexes. Acid and high pressure washing can damage the fiber cement surface and is not recommended. The color matching, soundness and installation look better than the original gutters did. Pacific product, part of their line of mold resistant wall and tile backer board. All our posting and commenting rules are in the wiki.

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Sun The white with a navy trim would look nice on your house as would the mist with a navy trim. MBA Moving forward I will use Rhino Shield for every property I come across.

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Visually inspect your home from time to time for areas where dirt can collect or mold can grow. You can sort of fold and squeeze the tape into the corner so that there is still one inch on each side. Use two coats if you have to. Looking for the perfect gift? Redgard as a waterproofer. Our siding along the angles of the rooflines has chipped, cracked and peeled like eggshells. As you mentioned, I also like how the new houses being built around me have different facades. This particular Hardie board is typically associated with a cape cod style home. If they were based in the United States there would be lawsuits filed on them. Knowing how much space you need on your hard drive can be a difficult thing. Even regions of a city can differ in their look. Spot clean and rinse any missed areas as needed. Communication was great regarding the rain delay. HOWEVER, great care must be taken in doing so. Some forums can only be seen by registered members. PPG Porter Paints and Sherwin Williams Rep. Approved Contractor are such big fans of it. Can you pressure wash Hardie board siding? Eric kept me informed every step of the way. Most homes today have horizontal planks. NEED A VAPOR BARRIER WITH HARDIBACKER. Do they love to install the Color Plus? Give it a try, you can unsubscribe anytime. Suggestions on how best to fill that gap? Ready to win more clients and streamline your business? OSB, the fastener length does not need to be increased. Exposed fasteners are driven through the face of the boards. But there is something called a brick stain that works. These documents should also be consulted for additional information concerning the suitability of this product for specific applications. During my time working for James Hardie, I very rarely got calls from homeowners that wanted to submit a warranty claim for their Hardie siding. Installation Information, arranties, and arnings are available atwww. What steps should be taken on areas that show chalking right now? Make sure it is a masonry primer and not just a universal primer. Painting your home is straightforward when you have fiber cement siding. Focus and not to install it yourself wondering if the seams and so it and most others in hardie board question for homeowners have been primed when. You look at it every day, drive up to it many times a week, make it just what you want, even if you have to do it in increments because of expense. SWITCH TO MOBILE VIEW. Also if you run that siding vertical like board and batten it will give the house a great modern farmhouse look. However, keep in mind that our version of the color is based on matching an official James Hardie color sample. This will account for surprises in configuration and complexities in your home, which will run the costs up. As the siding is installed you can see the house come to life as there is no waiting for a painter to arrive on site. One of the most important decisions that you will have to make when building or remodeling your home is, what to cover the Exterior of the house with and what is it going to look like?

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