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Questionnaires Lexington Attachment to Pets ScaleTo measure children's attachment to their dogs they completed the Lexington Attachment to Pet Scale.

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Health Behaviors Questionnaire SF-36 Dog Information Sheet Dog Relationship Questionnaire and Lexington Attachment to Pets Scale. Mourning Dog Questionnaire appears in Pet Humanisation. The Durbin Watson statistic of for the model indicated that the assumption of independent errors was tenable.

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Pets and personality development. The Lexington Attachment to Pets Scale Johnson Garrity. Most HAI researchers have used mixed gender samples.

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Attachment and Contact Patterns with Parents during the First Year of College.

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Some studies have suggested that it is the strength of the attachment between a child and a dog, appearances, so must our language. Additionally, and will make accommodations for other species in their lives, diffedemonstrated. Cats and their Owners International Association of Animal.

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Attachment to Dogs and Cats in Germany Translation of the Lexington Attachment to Pets Scale LAPS and Description of the Pet Owning Population in Germany Research.

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Dog Information Sheet; Dog Relationship Questionnaire; and Lexington Attachment to Pets Scale.

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