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ACCESSTO SALES INFORMATIONLike selfpublishing and epublishing platforms, publishers have no plansto make information on the number of ebooks sold instantly available to authors.

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Some deadlines cannot be adjusted very much. The Client retains all ownership of any and all rights of copyright in the Product. Publishers will resist undertaking any commitment that limits their flexibility to acquire new projects or allocate their staff and resources. Factors influencing the cost of books in South Africa.

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General legal issues, such as liability clauses in university contracts, are discussed in a separate Practical Guide on General Legal Issues in University Contracts.

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Attorney Gillen: Many contracts do not oblige the publisher to accept and publish a manuscript within a finite time of its submission.

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The research suggests that many of the factors increasing the cost of books in South Africa, like the limited size of the trade and academic markets, are largely beyond the control of the book industry in the short term.

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